History Of Bingo

With the advent of the internet gone are the days where bingo is associated with a group of elderly women sitting in a room playing online bingo for charity. Nowadays online bingo has become mainstream and is enjoyed by millions of players around the world.

Most historians agree that today's bingo game was derived from the Italian national lottery which began over 500 hundred years ago. In the 1700's the game of bingo began migrating throughout Europe and was becoming increasingly more popular every year.

In 1929 a Gentleman named Ed Lowe seen a variation of this game played in Georgia where players would use beans to cover the numbers on the bingo cards. Upon his return to America he introduced his own version of the game and called it Beano with a few modifications.

As the historic story is told, one particular woman got so excited when she won she shouted out Bingo instead of Beano and the name stuck ever since. The game became so popular that Lowe was able to charge his competitors a bean a year (or a dollar) to use the popular new name "Bingo".

The current game of bingo grew enormously out of the great depression and soon became a huge hit with people looking for people looking to take their mind of the day to day grind during such hard times. In the 1930's the game continued to grow into one of americas favorite past times and was enjoyed by millions of americans.

Around the 1970's bingo started becoming a popular platform for charity organizations to raise money for different charities. While bingo continues to be a staple fund raiser for various organizations, the game has continued to evolve and now online bingo sites are full service high stakes operations offering a better variety of games, faster paced action and some incredible bingo jackpot prizes to be won.

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