Progressive Bingo Jackpots

Bingo has enjoyed enourmous growth over the past century and continues to be a popular game played all around the world. While many land based casinos and indian reservations offer various bingo jackpots into the 6 digit figures, the internet also become a popular platform for many bingo enthusiasts to enjoy the game of bingo and perhaps hit one of the many online bingo jackpots offered at various online bingo sites.

Bingo jackpots work very similar to the lottery such as powerball. For example if nobody wins the powerball for the current week, the prize pool continues to roll over and grow each week until it hits. The same goes with bingo jackpots. If nobody hits the required pattern in a particular bingo jackpot game, then the prize money is rolled over to the next time the bingo jackpot is offered.

The mega progressive bingo jackpots are typically a cover all which would require a player to cover all numbers in a certain amount of draws such as 50 or less. However many online bingo halls also have smaller jackpots that would require different pattern for players to cover. Regardless of what bingo jackpot is offered, rest assured the online bingo room will announce the pattern required for the current jackpot and most usually give an illustration of the pattern needed to hit the jackpot.

The following online bingo sites offer some huge progressive bingo jackpots every week.

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