Man, for getting paid millions of dollars to play this game where you throw a ball through a hoop, these clowns couldn’t beat my high school basketball team. If I recall, this was reported to be one of the lowest scoring games in NBA Finals history. They couldn’t even shoot 60% combined from the charity line. It was so ugly it was funny. I suppose the step up in defense had a little something to do with it, but neither team played like a professional team.

I am looking for Cleveland Cavs to steal a game before SA shuts the door on them. I really like Clevand +3.5 and the over 176 in game 4. Here is a list of the most trusted Online Sportsbooks if you want to roll with me. You may also consider betting against Cleveland in the third quarter. They always come out slow and this has been a big money maker for me through out the playoffs. However their backs are up against the wall so tread lightly with that one.

Wednesday 06-13-07

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