ISPT Online Poker at Wembley Stadium In May 2013

If the Mayans will give us a reprieve this December 21, you may live long enough to see online poker hit a stadium near you. Yes, I did combine the terms “online poker” and “sports stadium”in the same sentence. When people think online casinos, poker rooms, bingo halls and sportsbooks, they generally think of playing them from the comfort and privacy of their own home, office or some other cozy environment. It seems the newly formed International Stadiums of Poker Tour (ISPT) is trying to change all that.

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Monday 06-18-12

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SlotsJungle Special $10K Welcome Bonus Offered to New Players

Online Casinos, Sportsbooks and Poker Rooms all offer some type of Welcome Bonus Deposit Match to entice you to join their website as opposed to one of their competitors. This is a standard practice in the online gambling industry, and competition is always a good thing for the consumer. In the case of at least one online casino this means extremely good news for the prospective online casino gamer. With a name like SlotsJungle, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the focus of this particular online gaming site. Currently offering 16 different online slots games, SlotsJungle is definitely slots oriented. You also don’t need to be as smart as a rocket scientist to understand the incredible value their special Welcome Bonus delivers.

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Thursday 06-07-12

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Critique Your Online Play to Increase Your Poker Pay

BonusGeek wants to know if you track your results in an online poker log, and if you consistently critique your own play. There are multiple ways to play any given hand in poker, due to the fact that at any given time there are hundreds if not thousands of possible outcomes. And even among professionals who make a very good living playing poker, there are different groups of thought given any particular situation. Some poker pros like Gus Hansen, as well as most poker beginners and newbies, will play literally any two cards in a given scenario, while mathematically inclined poker experts like Chris Ferguson play a very regimented and low risk style. How would you classify yourself as an online poker player?

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Tuesday 06-05-12

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3D Realism Coming to Online Gambling

Thanks to vast improvements in online gaming display technology, the only difference between your experience in a brick-and-mortar real world Las Vegas casino and your favorite online Vegas style casino is 3-D depth of field. The biggest and best online casinos, poker rooms and sports books all employee incredible sights and sounds, dependable software which delivers immediate results, and the exciting rush that comes with making a wager without knowing the outcome. But the biggest physical casino destinations deliver that wonderful third dimension, depth of field, which provides your eyes with a visually rewarding experience that has yet to be duplicated to any large extent online. However, it appears that your favorite online casino, sportsbook or poker room may soon offer the same 3-D gambling experience previously available only in the “real world”.

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Wednesday 05-30-12

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MySpace CoFounder Hops All In With Facebook Gaming App RocketFrog

I still remember a couple of hundred years ago setting up my first MySpace account and immediately seeing that someone had befriended me. For those 8 or 10 people out there who have never created an account with the company who got the whole social networking ball rolling, as soon as you sign up on MySpace, you receive an instant notification that MySpace netizen and co-founder Tom Anderson has friended you. But with “only” 33 million members and an Alexa rating of 157, the heyday of the company has definitely come and gone. However, that doesn’t mean that Anderson, a frequent online poker player, is any less savvy when it comes to spotting potentially profitable paydays and online marketing trends.

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Monday 05-28-12

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