Poker Rakeback Offers

What is poker rake? The rake is the fee that all poker rooms take from every pot from players in the pot. The rake usually does not exceed $3.00 per hand. This is simply how the poker rooms make their money for hosting the poker game. To give you an easy example of how rake works, if there are 3 people in the pot and the rake is $3, then each player contributed $1 to the rake. It is important to understand that not every pot has a $3 rake. Some pots where every player folds after the flop will only have a .25 rake. Most poker rooms are about the same when it comes to the rake structure, but it would be wise for you as a player to review their rake structure which is posted on every online poker website.

What are poker rakeback offers? In short, all real money players pay rake from every pot they play in an online poker game. For those of you that are avid online poker players, this money can add up quickly. If you just played low limit games such as $2-$4 for just a few hours a day, you would stand to get back a couple hundred a month from a rake back deal. If you really play a lot of online poker, then you can earn several thousand dollars a month in rakeback. So if you treat poker like a real job like as I do, then not only are you making money beating other poker players, but your also getting your rakeback bonus every month which brings your winnings to a whole new level.

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