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Does Epassporte Accept USA Players? No, please check out our current poker deposit options for an updated list on available options.

Epassporte ePassporte is an online bank account that you can use to deposit funds into your favorite casino or poker room. Many online gambling sites don't allow you to use credit cards to fund casino accounts anymore. Epassporte simply gives you an alternative to this problem and provides a way for players to gamble online if they prefer using their credit card to purchase. After funding your account, you can then transfer the money from your account, to the casino or poker site of your choice. Signing up is quick and easy. If you are having problems using your visa or mc for deposits at casinos, then Epassporte is a great alternative. Once you set up an account and deposited funds to your virtual visa deposit account, you can be playing in no time. You can also withdraw your funds from your account at any atm machine. Once you have an account you can opt to get a Visa Electron card for $35 if you want. You dont need a visa electron to gamble with, however this is one way to get a visa electron which you can use at sportsbooks. Visit Epassporte.

Fts Epassporte does charge a 5% fee for deposits. Example, purchase $100 using your credit card, get $95 credited to your epassporte account. To me, this is a small price to pay for a solution to the problems many gamblers face when attempting to use their cc for purchases. Your deposit will always go through at epasporte so you don't have to guess any more if your cc bank is one of those companies that feels it is ok to dictate how you spend your money.

Just a side note most people that use epasporte use their credit card to fund their account. If your credit card will not allow this transaction, you may want to consider getting a prepaid mastercard at CVS called the greendot prepaid card. I use this card to fund my account and works like a gem everytime. Learn more about it by visiting Greendot Prepaid Card Then once you have your epassporte account loaded just return to this page and find a gambling site that takes this payment method. See below for where can you find online poker and bingo sites that accept this payment method.

Update 2011 - Epassporte has just stopped allowing transactions from usa players. So you will need to find an alternative way to fund your poker account. For the time being we recommend using usemywallet poker rooms or american express poker sites if you reside in the usa.

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