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WMTransfer is a sophisticated payment solution and money management tool that literally has no boundaries, as it's services can be used anywhere in the world. WebMoney Casinos provide secure operations, record keeping, financial exchanges and more. If your cell phone uses Java, you may even use your cell phone to shop or make transactions, a feature that has become extremely popular with the surge in the number of smartphones on the market now.

To join WM Transfer (Web Money), you will need to install their client interface from the Webmoney website onto your PC, PDA, or mobile device. Next, register, accept terms, and receive your unique identification numbers, which will be your account number. Also, you will need to apply for and receive a password. There are multiple versions of the Webmoney WM Keeper client interface based on what level of services the user wants.

The system supports a number of difference currencies and each one has a dedicated wallet called a purse. You can only transfer funds between purses of equal ecurrencies. All other transactions must be carried out using exchange services.

Below you will find a listing of the top rated Webmoney casinos in the business. As you can see from our listing below, there are a large number of participating online casinos. For you poker buffs out there, we have also included the best Webmoney Poker Sites as well. All featured Webmoney gambling sites have gone through a very detailed testing process to ensure that they are each secure, exciting, and rewarding. Only gambling sites which offer the highest quality online gambling experience possible are considered for inclusion here.

Customer service may be contacted online at support@wmtransfer.com

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