Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is one of the most popular skill games ever. The game is fast and easy to learn but demand sophistication and full of excitements. The winner is the first player who gets rid of all the cards in his hand at once, this move called 'Gin'. Another option to win this game is to 'Knock', meld the sets and runs into the table and left with cards that doesn't match any set or run and their amount is under 10, those cards called 'Deadwood'. In addition, player can also win when his deadwood is lower than the player who made the 'Knock' move, this is called 'Undercut'.


The goal with Gin Rummy is to create as many as sets and runs with the cards in your hand.

Other important goal is to minimize the sum of the amount in the cards that you have that doesn’t match for any suit, that’s for keeping the deadwood as low as you can if someone is about to do the knock move.

In Gin Rummy we play with one standard cards deck (52 cards), with no jokers.

The Ace card considered as 1 and the picture cards (J, Q and K) considered as 10.

In game of 2 players, every player gets 10 cards, in game of 3-4 players every player gets 7 cards. The other cards will be the stock pile with face down. One card will be with the face up and will consider as the discard pile.

Standard round composed of 2 parts:

1. Drawing a card from the stock pile or from the discard pile in the beginning of every round.

2. Discarding a card that you don’t really need to the discard pile in the end of every round.

If the stock pile is over so we have to shuffle the discard pile that will serve as a stock pile again.

Player who make the ‘Gin’ move have to get rid of all his cards in his hand at once with no deadwoods and no un matching cards, and finish with discarding the last card to the knock pile.

Instead of going on ‘Gin’ move, player can win with ‘Knock’ move. For doing that, his deadwood have to be from 10 and below. And he does still can lose if other player stay with lower deadwood, this move called ‘Undercut’.

When player do the knock move, other players can add cards to those suits if they want that will help them to stay with lower deadwood. For example: if the players who did the knock move with suit of 3,4,5,6 hearts so the player who plays right after him can add the card 7 hearts.

When player make the ‘Gin’ move so the others can’t add any cards to those suits at all.

Oklahoma Gin:

The only difference between Oklahoma to Gin is determined in the beginning of the game when the first discard pile exposed. This card is announced on the maximum deadwood this game could reach.

For example, if the first discard pile that expose in the beginning of the game is 7, so the minimum deadwood to make the knock move is 7 and below.

All the other rules are similar to the rules in Gin Rummy.