Nucharge Casinos

Does NuCharge Accept USA Players? Yes

Nucharge DepositsNucharge provides an opportunity to purchase pre-paid phone card credit by using Visa, Master Card or eCheck. it is a fast and secure process that takes just minutes. Purchases may be made in denominations of $100, $150, $200, and $300. The card information is received immediately by email. Once you have your pin and control number, you will be able to purchase the same amount in the online poker room of your choice accepting Nucharge deposits.

To use this service you will be required to complete an application form on the website, and to provide valid credit card information or other payment method. The transactions occur on a secure SSL encryption site. Your credit card is immediately billed, and you will be sent an electronic email confirmation which will confirm your purchase along with a unique pin and access number. You will then use your private pin # and access number to deposit funds into the various online gambling sites that accept nucharge payments.

Nucharge offers 24 hour customer service by phone or email through the website.