Immediate Deposit Poker Rooms | Online Casinos That Accept Prepaid Phone Card Deposits

Does ImmediateDeposit Accept US Players? Yes

Immediate DepositImmediate Deposit is a brand new deposit option that is being used at various online casinos and poker rooms. It is considered a fast, easy and very safe method of making a deposit. If you are one of those people who want to gamble online, but your bank does not allow you to use your credit card to purchase casino or poker credits with, then this deposit option is the perfect alternative for you.

The concept behind Immediate Deposit is to purchase prepaid phone cards, using Visa or Master Card. You may then use this prepaid phone card to make deposits into the casino or poker room of your choice that accepts immediate deposit. There is no waiting time to activated the prepaid card as it is done upon purchase. Immediate Deposit has been around for a short time, and is becoming more and more popular purchase methods for online gamblers due the ease of use. It takes just a few minutes to become a user of Immediate Deposit. After filling out a form, you become a member, and are issued a user name and pin number. Once a member, you may purchase a phone card, and immediately turn around and use it as a deposit method at one of the gaming sites that accept deposits using immediate deposit. You also have the option to reload the same calling card which is quite convienent.

To Purchase casino or poker credits using your prepaid phone card, simply log into the cashier and click on the icon for this payment option and it will prompt you for your pin # and control #. Enter both of these and your in action my friend.

Several of the gaming sites reward you for using this purchase method by crediting you with an extra 10% deposit bonus. There is a nominal surcharge of 3% for each transaction, of course this is how the company makes its money. But this is a small price to pay for all of you gamblers that have credit cards that don't allow online gambling. This is the perfect alternative. Visit Immediate Deposit to get your prepaid phone card or to learn more about this user friendly payment option.

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