Casinos Accepting Xoom Payments

Update: This is no longer a viable option, there are no online gambling sites that allow players to fund their accounts via xoom. Please refer to our Casino Deposit Methods page for alternatives.


Does Xoom Accept USA Accounts? Yes But Must Use Goldpay Casino Payment Service To Be Successful

So your looking to use xoom to fund an online gambling account hey? We've got you covered since is always on top of the latest deposit methods available for usa players.

Xoom is a new payment service that allows their account holders to make instant payments, very similar to the way paypal works. You can fund your xoom account using bank transfers, credit cards or wire transfers.

How To Use Xoom To Deposit Into Online Casinos: Now using these funds at online casinos that accept xoom may seem a little involved, but its actually just a few simple steps and you can actually use xoom to gamble online. In simple terms xoom is not accepted at any online gambling site, lets make that very clear. However what is accepted is a payment service called Gold Pay. What you need to do is signup an account with goldpay and one of the options to fund your goldpay account is xoom. Once you transfer the funds from your xoom account to your goldpay account, your good to go and can continue your deposit.

Online Casinos That Accept Xoom

150% up to $3000 RTG
150% up to $3000 RTG ReviewPlay
150% up to $3000 RTG ReviewPlay

Xoom Accepted Sportsbooks

Sportsbook BONUS Main Page US REVIEW/PLAY
50% up to $250 Sportsbooks ReviewPlay


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