Blacklisted Rogue Online Casinos To Avoid

First let me give a brief rundown of what the term blacklisted casinos means. These are casinos that for one reason or another have turned rogue and have stopped paying players or affiliates. Players should avoid blacklisted casinos at all costs.

We also have some other resources at the bottom of this page that will help players to stay in the loop with rogue online casinos.

Rogue casinos have no scruples at all. They prey on innocent victims in hopes to steal their money like a thief in the night. I am always amazed at the greed in this business. All casinos have to do is run thier business ethically and good things will happen. To put it another way it's hard not to be successful in this industry as an operator. But some of the morons who operate these blacklisted casinos want to cut corners thinking they will somehow make more money. So these rogue casinos would rather make pennies cheating unsuspecting players out of a few nickels and dimes when they could make a killing by running a tight ship and being honorable. Not real fucking smart but some people just don't know any better. They can't get out of their own way and will be thieves and losers till they die.

Find trusted casinos who pay their players like clockwork and run an honest casino.

Inetbet Rogued By

I am now blacklisting Inetbet Casino for engaging in unethical marketing practices.

Grand Prive Casinos Turned Rogue

Grand Prive Casinos Blacklisted: Players need to stay away from the following online casinos: Bella Vegas, Casino Grand Bay, Lake Palace, Roadhouse Reels, Jupiter Club, Fortune Junction, Jackpot Wheel and Villa Fortuna.

These casinos have stolen from affiliates by breaching a valid contract and refusing to pay affiliates accordingly. In short, players are supposed to be tagged to the affiliate who sent them for life, and this group thinks its ok to stop paying the website who sent the player. If they are cheating their partners who helped build their business then imagine what they will do with players. You can't trust these crooks at all and Bonusgeek recommends staying away from all Grand Prive casinos as they can't be trusted.

Shark Casino Rogue

Shark Casino is in financial trouble and is not paying their players, their affilites or anyone for that matter. They are thieves and everyone should stay far away from this operation. They also market to problem gamblers in hopes that they can reel these gamblers in even after the player twice had confirmation from the manager that they would be taken off the email list and have the account closed, neither was done. They are blacklisted for having no scruples at all as well as not paying their players. Please do your research before you play at an online casino. There are many many accredited casinos online, but in the same breath there are plenty of rogue casinos that you should stay away from such as the ones listed on this page.

Casinos Blacklisted From The Rushmore Group


Rushmore Casino