BetOnline 7% Track Rebate – Just in Time for 2012 Belmont Stakes

Whenever you can get cash back, a rake back or any type of rebate on your wagers, you know you’re dealing with a reputable firm. Only those online casinos, racetracks and sportsbooks that know you will enjoy the experience with them so much that you will return are able to financially offer daily, weekly, monthly or annual rebates or rake backs. BonusGeek has discovered a very special situation which is lining up at a perfect time for you to add some insurance to your I’ll Have Another Triple Crown online wager.

Just in time for the upcoming Belmont Stakes thoroughbred horse race at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York on June 9, online gambling site BetOnline is offering up to 7% Track Rebates daily when you make a wager at their website on a horse race. There are particular exclusions set in place, but basically, any time you place a horse racing wager online at BetOnline you will receive a 7% daily rebate. Obviously, if your horse is scratched before the race, your wager is canceled and you will receive no rebate, and any bets on horse tracks in either the D and E categories will not be covered. You can follow the link here to find out more information.

Phoning in your wager still allows for a daily rebate, but you only receive 4% back. With I’ll Have Another bidding to become only the 12th horse to ever win the vaunted Triple Crown of thoroughbred horse racing, June 9 at Belmont is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this generous money back offer. I’ll Have Another was named after the exclamation that owner J. Paul Reddam would always utter after eating a cookie, and a 7% money back rebate tastes just as yummy to us! But it doesn’t matter what happens to I’ll Have Another if you bet on the strong finishing colt to win at Belmont and sweep the Triple Crown, you get paid win or lose. If you win your bet, you obviously win whatever payout is offered. And if you are unfortunate enough to lose your wager, you will receive a 7% rebate the day of the race.

BetOnline also offers more than $150,000 in guaranteed poker tournaments, and an exclusive Lifetime Bonus Guarantee that ensures you get up to 25% in Free Play Bonuses on each and every deposit you make at that site. Specific terms and conditions do apply, and you can see this and the other bonuses offered by BetOnline at their website. BonusGeek recently discovered the 7% daily rebate on horse races while researching those online casinos which have been a top performer for the longest period of time.

BetOnline has been a significant player in the online gaming world since way back in 1991. And delivering special bonus packages and promotions like the 7% daily horse racing rebate is one of the things that sets this online casino apart from the competition. If you would like to grab a piece of horse racing history and make a wager on I’ll Have Another’s Triple Crown chances, a guaranteed 7% rebate on any losing bets delivers a level of insurance not offered by most online casinos. Learn more about this popular online gambling brand in our detailed BetOnline Review.