Full Tilt Players Reimbursed This Year – Buyout a Done Deal?

April 15, 2011 is not a date that the owners and players of Full Tilt Poker look upon with fond memories. That is the day that the United States Department of Justice shut them down with no warning, all sorts of federal charges of illegalities followed, and the site has still not yet paid back … Read more

Bovada Casino Giving 50% Cash Back on Friday Promotion

In our many years of research (and playing) in online casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms and bingo halls we have seen all types of promotions, welcome bonuses and new games come and go. And it seems like most online casinos must hire teams of lawyers to make the promotional bonus wording so incredibly difficult to understand … Read more

Slots Plus Casino Offering 3-Way Bonus Promotion

With hundreds of online casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms and bingo halls to choose from, the online gamer has an important decision to make. They can either choose to spend hundreds if not thousands of hours scouring the web and checking out the individual offerings presented by each prospective casino, or they can find a trusted … Read more

Gaming Giant Zynga Going Pay-for-Play Online

If you play online games on social networking web sites like Facebook, you probably know who Zynga is. If so, there is a good chance you already play a free online poker game run by the social gaming giant. Gardening and farming games like Farmville were previously all the rage on Facebook and at other social networking sites. However, late last year poker and casino games overtook farm-based interactive social gaming as the number one preferred activity of people who play some type of game on a social network.

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BonusGeek Asks – How Do You Play Pocket Aces

BonusGeek wants to know, “How do you play Pocket Aces in online Texas Hold ‘Em?” This may seem like a simple question to answer for some online poker players, but even veteran players sometimes express feelings of angst and anxiety when they bend their hold cards and find out they have American Airlines flying in … Read more