Slots Plus Casino Offering 3-Way Bonus Promotion

With hundreds of online casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms and bingo halls to choose from, the online gamer has an important decision to make. They can either choose to spend hundreds if not thousands of hours scouring the web and checking out the individual offerings presented by each prospective casino, or they can find a trusted casino review site that consistently posts news on upcoming promotions, welcome bonuses and new games.

That’s what we have presented you here, with this announcement that Slots Plus Casino has developed a three way bonus promotion that currently triples your bonus opportunities when you sign up for an account and return to play there. The first bonus is rather straightforward but also rather enticing. Slots Plus grants each new account holder a 200% deposit match bonus, which effectively triples your bankroll before you ever place a bet. And unlike some online casinos which offer 200% deposit match bonuses but cap your deposit amount at a very low level, Slots Plus has aggressively allowed you up to $10,000 in free bonus money at this level alone. This bonus is usually maxed out at $7000, however has also negotiated an exclusive increase in the bonus amount up to $10,000 for our visitors.

When we investigated the details a depositor needs to follow to qualify for this generous reward, we were happy to see that there is actually nothing involved. Unfortunately, many online casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms advertise very attractive bonuses, but then make you jump through hoops to attempt to actually receive them. The Slots Plus 200% deposit match bonus could not be simpler. Simply download their software, make your initial deposit and your bonus is automatically added. That’s it. There is no one to call and nothing to submit. If you deposit $100, Slots Plus adds $200 to your account, and you have already tripled your initial capital and start out with a $300 account balance.

And that initial 200% deposit match bonus is good up to $10,000. What we also discovered is that there is an extra $25 credited to your account if you use the popular online MST Gift Cards as your deposit method. MST Gift Cards allow you to use your favorite credit card to purchase online virtual MST cards, which you then use to fund your account, protecting your important credit card information. This creates a high level of security and peace of mind for the depositor, and they are already widely accepted at many online casinos.

Finally, Slots Plus Casino has a third bonus in the form of a special 125% second deposit bonus. Simply deposit from $20 to $100,000 and get $125 free on the first $100 plus an extra 25% on the remaining portion of your deposit up to a maximum $25,100 bonus. For instance, deposit $350 and get $125 on the first $100 of your deposit and an additional $62.50 (25%) on the remaining $250. A total of $187.50 in bonuses means $537.50 for a second deposit of $350. This threefold bonus system offered by Slots Plus is also accentuated by the fact that the company is structured in such a way that US players can legally participate, as well as those slots lovers around the world. Slots Plus stated that this current bonus structure could be changed at any time.

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