WagerWeb Lets You Create Your Own Multi-Sport Parlay

US friendly online casino and sportsbook WagerWeb is changing the world of online parlay betting … and the change is a good one. Not sure what a parlay bet is? Put quite simply, a parlay bet is when you make multiple bets, usually from 2 to 12, under a single wager. All of your bets must be successful for you to win, but since the possibility of hitting multiple bets is much lower than simply getting a single bet right, the payoff is much higher, and can be downright life-changing. Both online and brick-and-mortar casinos offer this style of sports betting, and it has long been a fan favorite.

The ability to make a small bet and potentially receive a massive payout is the allure of parlay betting, but there has always been one big problem. Casinos generally only allow you to parlay within the same sport. That is to say, you can make a parlay bet on multiple NFL teams, or multiple baseball teams, but you can not mix the two sports. That day has come to a groundbreaking end. Online sportsbook and casino veteran WagerWeb, who welcomes US players as well as international gamblers, is currently running a test promotion they call Parlay Fever. It is aptly named, because if you have played parlays for years like we have, your temperature is about to rise when you see exactly what WagerWeb is going to allow you to do.

Basically, you can build your own two or three team parlay, even if it is not currently being offered in the WagerWeb sportsbook. It is really as simple as that. Perhaps you believe that the Green Bay Packers will win the Super Bowl this year. And you are just as certain that the Alabama Crimson Tide is going to win their 19th national championship in NCAA football. But since virtually no one offers parlay betting across different types of sports, what do you do? The answer is, during this promotion you simply pick up the phone and call WagerWeb, tell them the two or three team future parlay prop bet you desire, and they will upload your exclusively created futures parlay to their sportsbook.

And what we really like about this promotion is that you can also discover esoteric and unique cross-sports parlays created by other WagerWeb players who are thinking out-of-the-box like you are, and bet on them as well. But what we were really amazed to find when we investigated the Parlay Fever Promo more closely was the extent of the sports being offered for you to pick and choose from. Every sports category that WagerWeb offers is up for grabs, including the NFL, NCAAF, NBA, WNBA, NCAA Basketball, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, several Motor Sport leagues, Tennis, Soccer, Golf and other sports as they become available.

How much can you win with this awesome new “create your own parlay” promo? In a two team parlay you can win up to $15,000, and up to $20,000 is yours when you hit your specially created three team multi-sport parlay. And since we only review those online casinos which rank high in customer satisfaction and integrity, we are happy to see the well respected WagerWeb offer this really cool promotion just in time for the start of the NCAA Football and NFL regular seasons, catching the tail end of the Major League Baseball season as well.

We also have negotiated with WagerWeb to offer you a special sign-up bonus which gives you up to a 200% match bonus (max $2000) to wager with. Simply click one of the links to the WagerWeb site on this page, and you will get Free Bonus Money added to your bankroll when you open an account and make your first deposit. Then just pick your teams, make your parlay bet, and tune back in when the results are in to claim your winnings. WagerWeb does not currently have an end date on their Parlay Fever promotion, but the wise bettor will create their own parlay now to ensure they don’t miss out on this groundbreaking new parlay action. Learn more about the generous bonuses and exciting promos at this sportsbook in our WagerWeb Review: https://www.bonusgeek.com/sportsbook-reviews/wagerweb.htm. To get an idea about the range of options US sports bettors have out there, check out all of our US friendly online sports betting sites!

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  1. Bovada also allows this. They don’t really advertise it – but they let you add games from multiple sports/events to one parlay – pretty cool. I might give WagerWeb a shot though if they make it as easy for USA players to deposit. Makes the weekends fun when your wagering spans a variety of events.

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