Blackjack, Roulette, and Diapers??

If you thought that tons of money and jackpots were the only prizes to be had at, then you are most definitely mistaken! Just ask Tammy and Douglas Root, both online gaming enthusiasts at, and both winners of a more unique type of prize package that can certainly be put into the ‘life changing’ category. It is safe to say that most players who are enjoying the thrills and excitement of online gambling are not there expecting to find romance. However, these two players found exactly that while playing their favorite casino game, Roulette. is known for their innovative gaming interface and their cutting edge features. One of the many exciting features that they offer to their players is the ability to enjoy live chat among the many players through various chat rooms. This is where Tammy and Douglas met, and this is where their romance began to bud. Chatting during a Roulette game, they discovered that they were both from the same town, and that they had actually both attended the same school 15 years earlier. After their intriguing connection when playing roulette, the couple continued to chat for several months more while enjoying the exciting card games and table games at, and eventually met in person and fell in love.

Eleven months later, Douglas proposed to Tammy in the original chat room where they first met, and they just recently announced to their chat friends the birth of their healthy baby boy. Now that’s a prize package that is a once in a lifetime experience!! While you may not be looking for the love of your life at, you will certainly fall in love with their generous bonus offers and exciting game line up, including live dealer games (which is where Tammy and Douglas met). New players will get a 100% match bonus up to $200 on their first deposit!! To learn more about this sensational online casino, read our Review.