Carbon Poker Bonus – Free Omaha Odds Calculator

Carbon Poker wants you to win as much money on their site when you play Omaha Poker as you possibly can. Here’s proof. Carbon Poker delivers a Welcome Bonus Deposit Match of 100% up to $600 on your initial account set up deposit. Put quite simply, whatever that first deposit is, you will immediately have doubled your initial bankroll as long as you deposit $600 or less. And while this is a standard practice in the online poker community, what Carbon Poker just released this week as a free downloadable bonus is absolutely unheard of. Most online poker sites develop a very aggressive stance against helping you become a better, and smarter player. Evidently Carbon Poker is not one of those sites.

Basically, the new Omaha Poker Calculator tool allows you to projects stats, calculate possible winning percentages and get a clearer picture of your own betting patterns, opponent’s statistics and other crucially important data when playing Omaha. And it is absolutely free to download and use. As far as an organizational tool alone it appears priceless. Imagine being able to pull up your past playing patterns and table stats with the click of a mouse. This wonderful piece of gaming software that Carbon Poker is calling their Omaha Calculator will flat out make you a better Omaha Poker player regardless your current level of expertise.

The tool can be used for No Limit and Pot Limit Omaha and Omaha 8 or Better, and delivers instant poker odds on your hands. If you only used this one facet of this game changing software, you would improve your knowledge of the game. Knowing exactly what odds you are facing in any situation is something that professional poker players both online and off can do with a quick glance of the cards. Using this software means you don’t have to do any calculations, and can figure your odds correctly every time. There are also extreme customization and functionality features so you can make the Omaha Calculator your own.

By analyzing Hutchison points and your current hand strength, your odds for winning, pot odds and number of outs are immediately calculated and delivered to your screen. And if you want to hone your game on the play money Omaha Poker money tables at Carbon Poker first, the Omaha Calculator works for free games as well. Sit ‘n Go as well as Ring Games and Tournament events are all supported. I know what you’re thinking. Just another free piece of Omaha software. Let me show you why that assumption would be wrong.

Carbon Poker enlisted engineers to design their Omaha Calculator so that it instantly projects statistics from your hand, just like any other poker calculator. However, where this free software sets itself apart is by studying your opponent’s hands and all available betting trends and information to deliver your poker win odds, number of outs, pot odds and favorable play considering your table position as well. You also get to immediately see any opponent’s mucked cards after a showdown. This means you can track your opponent’s play, and know their bluffing betting patterns. If you play Omaha Poker online, you owe it to yourself to download this wonderful free Omaha Calculator available exclusively at Carbon Poker, which will help you put yourself in the best possible solution to win.

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