Cavs Give Up With A Minute Left

I was blown away when I saw Coach Mike Brown of the Cleveland Cavaliers concede the game with 45 seconds left to go only down by 8. Cleveland had already made an outstanding comeback in the 4th quarter after cutting an 18 point lead down to eight, and why on earth this rocket scientist they have as a coach would give up being down 8 and 45 seconds to go is beyond me.

45 seconds is an eternity for crying out loud. How many times have we seen a team overcome an 8 point deficit in the last minute. Sure, its not likely, but it has certainly happened before. I just can’t believe in the NBA finals they would not at least take a shot to play the fouling game and see if they get lucky and hit a couple of threes. Maybe the coach was trying to get back to the hotel so he could catch Seinfeld, who knows. What I do know is that your an idiot of a coach giving up with 45 seconds to go only being down by 8. Nothing like showing your players your a damn quitter. Get a clue Mr Brown.