Fast Forward Fold Feature Speeds up Online Poker

If you have ever been stuck at an online poker table in a sit and go where every single one of your opponents take the maximum amount of time available to make a decision, you will love fast-forward fold poker. This revolutionary new feature which is arriving at many of the better known online poker rooms also allows you to move away from “cold tables” in the blink of an eye. And if you’ve ever wanted to get up and leave in the middle of a hand without your opponents knowing that you quit before seeing all the cards, this is a handy new feature as well.

No one is sure who developed the fast-forward name, but it fits this new online poker feature extremely well. It is just as difficult to find out where fast-forward poker first developed, but it is catching on in online poker rooms across the World Wide Web. Basically, it allows you to hit a fast-forward fold button at any time during the progress of a hand. You will be instantly removed from the table and seated at another, and there is no limit to the number of times you can fast fold out of a hand and rocket off to another table.

This option gives you the opportunity to see literally hundreds more hands per hour than you typically would. When you are in a player pool of hundreds or even thousands, you are never stuck at the same table if you do not want to be. Your hand is instantly folded, no matter whether you are in or out of the big blinds, acting early or late, have just raised, checked or called the previous play, and no matter what your particular reasons or circumstances are. The first concern we had when we heard of this new feature was that the other players could see you fold in the middle of a hand. But steps have been taken to ensure that your fast-forward fold is invisible.

When you hit the fast-forward fold button, fast fold button on some sites, your opponents simply see you fold and leave the table at the correct time, when it is your turn. So you are not giving away any gameplay “tells” that players can use against you in the future. The online poker community is much wiser and more savvy than when online poker first came to the World Wide Web years ago. Players demand better features, newer technology and more options when they wager responsibly with their hard-earned money, and the new fast fold feature just gives intelligent players another possible weapon in their arsenal of online poker play options.

The fast-forward fold poker play option will not appeal to all online poker players. Players like myself who enjoy the entire online poker experience with other players, especially the chat feature, and winning an occasional hand, may never have cause for this innovative new online poker option. However, if you are seated at a table where your cards are cold, your fellow players are taking forever to act, or you have one of those clods who is all in on every hand at your table, the fast-forward fold feature is very attractive indeed.