New Jersey Online Gambling Creates Unique New Bonus Packages

Just last week New Jersey became the third state in the US to legalize online gambling. Governor Chris Christie had long been a proponent of online gambling both as an activity that his state’s residents enjoyed, and also as a financial boon for that state. New Jersey’s Atlantic City casinos, in the brick-and-mortar variety, have always been known as the King of casino gambling on the eastern seaboard. But with the recent offerings in Philadelphia and other nearby locations, New Jersey’s physical casino revenue has slipped drastically the past few years.

The online gambling passage hopes to end New Jersey’s casino woes, and is tied very closely to the physical casino locations themselves. A player wishing to enjoy some online casino gambling in New Jersey must first open a player account at one of the New Jersey casinos located in Atlantic City. After that, online play will be available 24/7, from any smartphone or PC with an Internet connection. You must be located in the physical state boundaries, as a resident or traveler. Why are we discussing all this on the internet’s most popular blog for online casino bonus information?

It is because of the unique bonus packages which are outlined in the recently passed Internet gaming legislation in the Garden State. It still remains to be seen if the typical welcome bonus rewards will be offered in New Jersey when you open an online account, but the new legislation clearly defines that there are ways to earn physical bonuses. The bill Governor Chris Christie signed into law allows you to earn different levels of bonuses as you play. The more you play, the more you earn. And you can cash in your bonuses at physical Atlantic City casinos.

This ensures that the state of New Jersey increases their tourism, as well as offering the physical Atlantic City casinos to benefit from online play. Discussed in the legislation are bonuses like free lodgings, free meals, free tickets to high dollar live entertainment shows and other bonuses which you must physically redeem at a brick-and-mortar casino. This new and innovative player reward and bonus system of gambling online is the first of its kind in the United States.

As bonus geeks, we constantly scour the World Wide Web for the latest casino bonus information to pass along to you, our fellow online gamers. And while it is different, this online casino bonus offering blends the traditional physical “comps” which originated in Las Vegas with the industrywide practice of rewarding online gambling play with complimentary gifts and rewards. This bonus system of ingeniously combining brick-and-mortar and virtual casino action could very well be the face of bonus packages to come in the burgeoning US online casino community.