TV’s Lisa Simpson Learns Online Poker From Jennifer Tilly

Bart, Homer, Marge, Maggie and Lisa Simpson are well known to American households. Of course those are the names of the fictional Simpson family, who star in what has become the longest-running American sitcom. The show has also incredibly become the longest-running American animated program, and a few years ago surpassed Gunsmoke (1955 – 1975) as the longest-running American prime-time television series. Why are you reading about them on Bonus Geek? Because in a recent episode celebrity actress and poker player Jennifer Tilly schooled little Lisa Simpson in the finer points of online poker.

Homer was up to his regular escapades, and received $6,000 as a settlement after being burnt by hot fast food oil. Explaining that online poker websites are safer than banks, he opens an account at an online casino and deposits his money. Lisa soon discovers Homer’s windfall, and begins gambling with the intention of building up her college fund. But before Lisa Simpson begins her career as an online poker pro, she seeks advice from Jennifer Tilly, who also provides the voice for Mrs. Swanson on The Family Guy.

The fact that the producers of the Simpsons decided to create an episode about online gambling just shows how popular the pastime has become in America. The show is now in its 24th season, and the episode does a good job explaining the online poker attraction. Responsible adult wagering at an online casino, poker room or sportsbook provides exciting Las Vegas style entertainment any time night or day from a computer or mobile PC with an Internet connection, and seeking advice from poker playing professionals is always a good strategy.

And like any successful online poker player, as Lisa’s confidence grows, her gameplay becomes better. Her winnings are mirrored in the stylish college outfits she purchases, and the early word among poker forums online is that this was one of the more popular episodes for online poker players. One forum poster on TwoPlusTwo pointed out that Lisa’s bankroll management was “atrocious” even though she built $5,000 into more than $300,000 in imaginary money.

The Simpson’s is an iconic part of the American way of life, and has been around a lot longer than online casinos, but the recent explosion in popularity of online poker rooms, sportsbooks, race books and Las Vegas style casinos made for an enjoyable, animated episode. If you happened to see the Lisa Simpson online poker episode, drop us a line and tell us what you thought of it. We here at Bonus Geek enjoyed it immensely, and could not wait until it was over, so we could belly up to the virtual tables and play a little online poker ourselves.