Understanding Games Of Chance

Games of chance are the true embodiment of the gambling concept. All games which are considered gambling are games of chance, however there are some games of chance that involve skill. While gambling certainly includes games of skill, the biggest risks taken are those where players have no opportunity to improve their gambling odds, and must determine their wager by completely relying on one of two things, probability, or luck. For some people, games of chance are the most exhilarating and thrilling gambling action out there. For others, games of chance are just too nerve wracking, and these players prefer a game where skill plays more of a role, giving them an increased influence over the outcome of the game.

In games of chance, the outcome of each event is completely independent and separate from any other event in the game. The odds of winning in a game of chance are exactly the same every time. Examples of such a game include slots, roulette, bingo, craps, and Keno. Each spin of the wheel, toss of the die, pull of the slot, or drawing of a bingo or keno number is completely independent of anything that happened before, or that will happen after that particular round. There is really nothing a player can do, no strategy or technique that will alter the odds of playing games of chance. The only option players have to best wisely is to wager based on probabilities. For example, when playing the game of craps, the probability of the roller throwing a 2, 3, or 12 is approximately 11%, while the probability of rolling a 7 is about 17%.

When playing games of chance, you will inevitably experience 'streaks'. You may see the same number come up in roulette time after time after time. This does not mean a pattern is emerging, the streaks are as random as the outcomes, and cannot be relied upon as a pattern or new betting strategy. They are simply random outcomes completely independent of each other that coincidentally are identical. If you come across an online gambling strategy being peddled that guarantees some particular outcome for games of chance, then you can immediately identify it as non-sense. There is no strategy or playing style that can beat games of chance, and nobody can predict the outcome in games of chance.

There are a few casino card games that are considered games of chance, such as Casino War and 3 Card Poker. In these games, the players are not allowed to make any decisions which affect the outcome. Winning or loosing is solely based on the luck of the draw in these games. Some players do consider 3 Card Poker a game of skill, however the only decision players make is whether to fold or play, hence we maintain that the game is based on chance and randomness.

When it comes to games of chance, lady luck, gutt feelings, and knowing the probabilities at the game you're playing are about the only influential factors that can have any affect on the outcome. You cannot learn a technique or strategy for beating games of chance. Can you beat games of chance? Absolutely. If you're lucky enough that is.