Rival’s New Online Casino Offers Regal Deal To Players

Vegas Regal Casino is one of the newest additions to the Rival Gaming family, and have already made their presence known throughout the online gaming community. Their incredibly generous bonus offers, their sleek and chic design, and their superb game menu all combine to deliver one exceptional and exhilarating online gaming experience, and we’d expect nothing less from a Rival branded online casino, now would we?

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Wednesday 03-31-10

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Microgaming Releases Two New Exciting Games!

Microgaming has released two ultra exciting games this month, and online gaming enthusiasts are beside themselves with delight. The first is their new video slot called CashOccino (a play off of the word Cappuccino). Appealing to the public’s addiction to their favorite cup of Joe, this sensational new video slot has a unique coffee lovers theme that presents everything you need to get your daily caffeine rush such as lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos. CashOccino is a 5 reel, 30 payline game that offers some nice special features. While the cost of a cup of coffee may be on the rise, the CashOccino slot game is easy on the pocketbook, with playing denominations from .01 to.05 cents per line, and you can play up to 20 coins per line for a maximum bet of $30.

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Monday 03-15-10

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Manhattan Slots – An Online Casino For Women!!

Visit Manhattan Slots and check out the first Online Casino for Women

Finally, the influence and impact of women in the online gambling industry is getting some recognition. The first Online Casino For Women, Manhattan Slots has become a virtual overnight sensation. Brimming with all of a girl’s favorite things…such as sparkling jewels, high heeled shoes, expensive perfume, and luxurious spa visits, Manhattan Slots knows how to get a woman’s attention. Not only is this remarkable online casino appealing to the female gambling demographic in site design, but even their prize packages have a feminine touch. Their current special promotion provides the opportunity to win a $10,000 shopping spree in none other than Downtown Manhattan!!! Yes girls, it’s a dream come true prize package!!

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Friday 02-26-10

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Tragic Death Of Children Triggers Ban Of Window Blinds

The month of February has thus far had a tragic beginning for the community of Staffordshire. Two very young children have been killed in almost identical incidents of strangulation by window blind cords. The first victim, Harrison Joyce was only three years old. A beautiful, special little boy who’s life tragically ended on February 4th after he was strangled by a long looped cord. Five days later, 16 month old Lillian Bagnall-Lambe was the second victim to die from the same type of incident. Two precious children, two tragic accidents, one deadly culprit. It’s the type of horrible thing you never think will happen to you, until it does.

In their grief, Harrison’s parents are courageously and compassionately concerned for other children who could be vulnerable to this same type of accidental death, and are now launching an online campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of window treatment looped cords to all parents and child care workers. There have also been cases of infants becoming entangled in the same type of looped cords located above their cribs. Harrison’s parents are desperate to help ensure that no other families have to face what they are going through right now, and experience the overwhelming pain and loss that has changed their lives forever.

The Joyce’s are also working to have ‘Harrison’s Law‘ enacted which would ban the sale of looped cords on window blinds and curtains throughout the UK. They are hoping that their online campaign to raise awareness will help them obtain support for the proposed law to ban these dangerous cords and prevent any further deaths associated with them. Law enforcement in Staffordshire is encouraging parents, grandparents, and child care workers to go through their homes or facilities to look for anything at all that could pose a danger of any kind to their children, including, but not limited to window blinds and curtain looped cords such as the ones that killed Harrison and Lillian.

Monday 02-15-10

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MasterCard Hitting Online Casino’s Hard

Just before the big Super Bowl weekend, when online betting is increased due to the Super Bowl themed events, MasterCard beefed up their anti-gambling related protocols and mounts a massive transaction decline initiative for all online gambling transactions. While US banks and credit card companies have had policies in place which restrict transactions associated with online gambling for some time, online casino operators were still having significant success in MasterCard transaction approval rates through modifications they made to the identifying codes being associated with the transactions. Upon passage of the UIGEA bill, the US banks and credit card companies implemented a coding system which would identify merchant transaction types, including a code specifically designed to flag online gambling transactions. When these codes came through requesting approval, the transaction was immediately declined by the credit card companies. However it didn’t take long for online casino operators to come up with a work around solution.

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Thursday 02-11-10

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