Blind Poker Player Makes The Money In WSOP

Vision Quest: Blind Player in the money

MSNBC by Bob Harkins

Picture This!

A poker player by the name of Hal Lubarky stares at his dealt cards in the World Series of Poker Tournament. Another man leans over and whispers in his ear. The man isn’t inviting him to dinner, but is telling Hal what card he was dealt. Hal is blind. “Talk about being all in”.

Hal, who is not fooling around, is listed as 118th our of 335 contetant in the World Series of Poker with a chip count of $409,000 in chips.

Hal was extremely well known in the cash game world with most games being $150-300 H.o.r.s.e. game.

In the late nineties Hall had a serious decline in his vision which led to difficulty in reading the cards. He quit, and and fell into depression for being unable to play a game he had enjoyed most of his life and loved.

Eventually Hal gave a shot at playing online and progressed to the live games.
He was given a hard time when he entered tournaments. Finally officials changed the rules to allow handicapped people to play poker. That opened the door for other players who were blind or had handicaps, to participate in games and tournaments.

Not everyone was itching to play againt Hal. Although they say he was slower than other players, he still took their money. But most poker player say he is an inspiration to them. As for Hal; he is very happy to have poker back in his life.

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