NFL’s Vick says guilty in dogfighting case

Atlanta Quarterback, Michael Vick, when questioned, admitted to being involved with Dog Fighting Operations and was suspended until further notice. Of course like any famous famous sport figure, he made a deal to do 12-18 months in the slammer. He also will immediately be without pay as the NFL suspension applies.

Vick claimed not to place bets himelf, but he financed the dog fighting operation. Vick had bought property in Virginia to become the training center, where the dogs were trained to fight to the death.

The dogs who were considered under performers were killed by various methods, such as drowning, hanging, electrocuting and more.

Vick and his partner certainly picked an appropriate name for the kennel, which is known as “Bad Newz Kennel”.

Dog Fighting involves the use of dogs bred to fight, and two of them are put in a pit to attack each other for spectators’ entertainment, and gambling. The dogs are expected to fight to the death best online sportsbooks. It is illegal in the United States.

Vick could get a $250,000 fine and 5 years in prison and 3 years of supervized release.
Vick was the top pick in the 2001 NFL draft out of Virginia Tech, and has made more than $61 million in his six NFL seasons.