Your Essay or Video Can Win a $6K Punta Cana Beach Poker Package From Bovada

Has anyone ever told you you have mad writing skills? Perhaps you enjoy making videos that are shocking, funny or exciting … even a little risqué? Either way, by simply “Liking” Bovada Poker on their Facebook page, and attaching either a thought-provoking essay or bold and brazen video, you could be on your way to a $6K Punta Cana Beach Poker Package if your entry is chosen. And the folks at Bovada Poker are definitely not shy, so let your creative juices flow. They want funny, exciting, and wild videos and essays that stand out from the crowd. Want to know what you need to do? Let’s take a look.

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Friday 08-31-12

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Daily Fantasy Sports Hits 5Dimes Online Sportsbook

Have you ever fantasized about the 5Dimes sportsbook? Well now you can. Fantasy football has become big business, and it recently showed up in an online sportsbook. Fantasy sports participation in general, managing “fantasy” versions of Major League Baseball, National League Football, National Hockey League and National Basketball Association teams, saw $800 million directly spent on fantasy sports products as recently as 2008. An additional $3 billion was spent on media products directly related to those fantasy hobbies that year, such as satellite radio and TV packages covering the four sports listed above. That is serious money.

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Thursday 08-23-12

Posted in Online Gambling, Sports

Fast Forward Fold Feature Speeds up Online Poker

If you have ever been stuck at an online poker table in a sit and go where every single one of your opponents take the maximum amount of time available to make a decision, you will love fast-forward fold poker. This revolutionary new feature which is arriving at many of the better known online poker rooms also allows you to move away from “cold tables” in the blink of an eye. And if you’ve ever wanted to get up and leave in the middle of a hand without your opponents knowing that you quit before seeing all the cards, this is a handy new feature as well.

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Wednesday 08-15-12

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UK Facebook Gets Real Money Gambling – US Next

With Facebook’s share price at about half of what its IPO launched for, and many industry analysts negative on the prospects of that massive social network to generate any significant growth in the near future, Mark Zuckerberg is trying to turn that around. Something that Facebook has been talking about for some time now is adding a real money gambling option for Facebook users in nations where online gambling is legal. That has now become a reality for the first time, as Facebook users in the UK can now play bingo and slots for cold, hard cash.

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Thursday 08-09-12

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Full Tilt Players Reimbursed This Year – Buyout a Done Deal?

April 15, 2011 is not a date that the owners and players of Full Tilt Poker look upon with fond memories. That is the day that the United States Department of Justice shut them down with no warning, all sorts of federal charges of illegalities followed, and the site has still not yet paid back many account holders who had substantial amounts of money in their accounts when the site was shut down. However, by that time next year, Full Tilt Poker could be back in action in the United States and going stronger than ever, although maybe under a different name.

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Tuesday 07-31-12

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