High Roller Casinos For Big Players

I have given a lot of thought as to which sites we wanted to list on this page and the high roller casinos we chose to include all have excellent features, service, and a remarkable performance to support our reasons for selecting them. Unlike many sites on the internet that label whatever casino is paying them the most as a high roller casino, my recommendations come from my own personal experience, and I simply won't throw you under the bus to make a few extra pennies. The value of my reputation with my visitors is paramount to me, and I will protect it at all times through honest, accurate, and high quality information.

I am an avid gambler myself and I know what it takes to keep a big player happy who is betting high limits. Naturally, a lousy $50 bonus after I just dropped $10K doesn't cut it. Needless to say, those low caliber types of casino operations who think they can actually entice a high roller player with their miniscule inticements are never considered for inclusion here.

So what characteristics am I looking for in a high roller casino? Well for starters they need to be a trusted casino. It doesn't matter how well a casino takes care of their high rollers with comps and bonuses, if they don't pay your winnings off like a bank then you're just living in their fantasy world. They also need to compensate me properly when I lose big money. All casinos offer some sort of comp system which is great I suppose. However, not every player bets $500 a hand in blackjack or max bet on slots. Therefore, if you want my action you had better not treat me like every other player, but rather you should give me solid reasons to stay in pocket, like big bonuses when I lose.

All of these high roller casinos offer special VIP promotions and bonuses to their high roller players and they will assign you a VIP host just as they do in Vegas to take good care of you. Actually, online casinos are far more generous with their bonuses than any Vegas casino. Meaning, you don't have to bet $1,000 a hand to be a high roller at an online casino. However, if you are dropping that kind of money, then rest assured you will be given the red carpet treatment you deserve.

We also recommend live dealer casinos for highrollers. For players who bet high, live dealer games seem like a logical choice instead of playing against a computer program. That's not to say that RNG casino programs are unfair or unsafe, but if I am betting big I think I would prefer to watch the cards being dealt live instead of a computer program spitting them out.

My Personal Recommended High Roller Casinos

Best High Roller Casino For UK Players

Best High Roller Bonuses

The following is a list of the biggest high roller casino bonuses that we felt deserved to be listed on this page. All of these casinos can be trusted to offer reliable payouts and fair gaming. All of thes online casinos offer some the biggest bonuses for highrollers and genuinely know how to take care of you.
200% up to 7 Days RTG ReviewPlay
400% up to $4000 RTG ReviewPlay
400% up to $10000 RTG ReviewPlay
100% up to $200 Microgaming ReviewPlay
100% up to $100 Microgaming ReviewPlay
100% up to $100 Microgaming ReviewPlay

Things To Watch Out For If Your A High Roller!!!

Understand that many casinos only offer $4K maximum cashout per week. This is hardly accommodating when you're a big player betting high limits. However the casinos we promote all over special concessions to VIP players. So don't get discouraged when you read a casino has a $4K max cashout rule on their website, the odds say if your a big player then that rule will not apply to you. That being said please use common sense and check before hand or give the manager a call before you start playing to make sure your on the same page.

Also watch out for bonus rules. Many of the VIP bonuses or casino comps offered to high rollers will not be listed on the website. Instead they will be manager bonuses and it's very important to get the terms of any of these offers in writing via email to avoid any potential dissappointments.

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