3D Realism Coming to Online Gambling

Thanks to vast improvements in online gaming display technology, the only difference between your experience in a brick-and-mortar real world Las Vegas casino and your favorite online Vegas style casino is 3-D depth of field. The biggest and best online casinos, poker rooms and sports books all employee incredible sights and sounds, dependable software which delivers immediate results, and the exciting rush that comes with making a wager without knowing the outcome. But the biggest physical casino destinations deliver that wonderful third dimension, depth of field, which provides your eyes with a visually rewarding experience that has yet to be duplicated to any large extent online. However, it appears that your favorite online casino, sportsbook or poker room may soon offer the same 3-D gambling experience previously available only in the “real world”.

3-D technology simply projects a full three dimensions onto a two dimensional television, movie screen or computer. These flat screens only contain two dimensions, height and width, and two-dimensional graphics only give their pixels color and brightness. 3-D pixels actually add depth, and integrate supported interaction between other 3-D pixels and images. Basically, your eyes are tricked into believing that your flat computer screen or television set actually contains the third dimension, depth. In the past the technology needed to present such images was extremely expensive, therefore it only found its way into costly television sets, and movie productions such as Avatar and Toy Story.

But current breakthroughs in 3-D display technology have allowed the rich 3-D experience to enter the online gaming world. Online poker sites and bingo halls have been the first to experiment with and benefit from 3-D graphics, and while PKR Poker introduced the first fully 3-D poker room way back in 2006, today’s technology is offering a much more advanced and realistic experience. Sites like 888 Poker and Ladbrokes Poker have most recently and successfully used 3-D display technology to enhance the experience in many of their games, and a brand-new online bingo website named Bingo3X has also successfully integrated 3-D display technology.

In a move which could begin to be copycatted by other online gambling websites, Bingo3X uses 3-D mascots to sell their branding and their name. Combining odd expressions and funny characteristics gives these 3-D mascots much more identity than a two-dimensional counterpart, and could allow for integration into movies, videos and television commercials. In a groundbreaking marketing effort, the Bingo3X mascots even have their own social profiles on Facebook, in an attempt to draw traffic from that massively popular social network.

In the crowded online gaming world, anything a website can do to offer their customers a more enriched experience will certainly pay off in the long run. Glasses free 3-D viewing has already come to handheld computer games, television sets, and even laptops and tablets. As the technology becomes cheaper and cheaper to implement, look for more online websites that offer sportsbooks, bingo halls, casinos and poker rooms to deliver the more realistic 3-D experience in the near future.

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  1. Could be the beginning of the end BUT There is still such a long road ahead. You have state law vs. fradeel law tribal gaming interest within states corporate interest from Nevada and New Jersey competing global licensing jurisdictions and international laws involving North America and Europe. Not to mention the legal process in the US Senate, House of Rep’s, and each and every state.Complicated is a gross understatement.

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