Mobile Online Gambling Available at USA Friendly Sportsbook

I can play it on a train, I can play it in the rain, I can play it on the way to see my mom in Maine….you get the idea. The growing momentum of mobile online gambling would give even Dr. Seuss some new material. In other words, enjoying your favorite online gambling action right from your smartphone, iPhone, iPad or tablet is becoming more and more popular, accessible, and more in demand. If the current trends are any indication, we will see mobile gambling portals start surfacing at all our favorite online casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms. This new focus on mobile portability virtually eliminates many barriers that would keep you from enjoying your favorite gaming platform no matter where you are. The convenience and flexibility of online gambling reaches new heights with the mobile options, and we are expecting this new facet of online gambling to really blossom in the next year or so.

As you can imagine, mobile online gambling will present significant challenges to mobile application developers in regards to OS and device compatibility, security, the ability to scale as the platforms grow, compatibility with existing casino, sportsbook, and poker software at online gambling sites, and the list goes on. These types of challenges will account for the delay of a mass launching of mobile options at online gambling sites. While patience may not be the most prominent virtue of the technologically driven consumers, we anticipate that the wait for mobile online gambling will not be an extensive one.

There are a few brave souls out there that have already started to get their feet wet with the concept, one of them being the Bovada / Bodog brand. Bodog Casino, Bodog Sports, Bodog Poker, and Bodog Racebook are all names of portals most avid online gambling enthusiasts are familiar with. Recently, Bodog decided to channel their USA player traffic to a sister brand named Bovada, designed exclusively to cater to their USA players. Bovada not only has matched Bodog’s level of performance in every way, but they have also managed to stand out from the crowd as one of the first online sports betting options that includes a mobile platform.

Bovada was launched in late 2011, and is already enjoying tremendous popularity, a huge player base, and continues to gain momentum rapidly. Being one of the only USA friendly mobile gambling options out there, smartphone and tablet owners who are looking to get involved in some thrilling online gambling on the go will likely be gracing Bovada Mobile with their presence, and we anticipate this crowd to number in the thousands right off the bat, with numbers growing remarkably fast as word spreads. We consider Bovada’s early presence in the mobile gambling scene to demonstrate their cutting edge approach to the online gambling arena.

While Bovada’s mobile gambling is currently limited to sports betting, they have indicated that they plan on introducing a mobile casino option in the future as well. This will allow online gambling enthusiasts to enjoy both sports betting and casino game action right from their smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are. You’ll notice that our little opening rhyme did not include “playing on a plane”, despite the fact that it would have flowed perfectly. This is the one on-the-go travel venue that we recommend you avoid for now. While some airlines do offer on board Internet service, it is often slow and unreliable, and could cause your gaming activity or account transactions to be interrupted. Depending on what point the interruption occurs, we can see the potential for this to cause you grief. We’re sure that on-board Internet service when flying will improve dramatically in the near future, but this is the one on-the-go instance where we can say that the risk just isn’t worth it.

Learn more about Bovada Sportsbook and find out why they are quickly becoming the USA online gambling option of choice. You can also learn more about other high quality online casinos accepting USA players that may also be a suitable option for you and your online gambling entertainment, however if its mobile gambling you’re looking for, Bovada Mobile Betting is currently your best option.