Does the Gambler’s High Influence Players?

The hottest drug circulating in some circles currently is not a pill, doesn’t come in a glass, and is not something to smoke or inject. Its an ‘invisible’ drug that provides a rush based on thrills and excitement, winning and loosing. For the mature, level headed gambler, this high is harmless yet exhilarating, and can definitely affect the quality of your online gambling experience. For the immature, rash, and impulsive individual, the ‘gambler’s high’ can prove to negatively affect one’s judgement and hence your gambling experience. Whether it is a positive or negative influence in your gaming, it does indeed affect your gambling activity.

For those who play specifically to achieve this type of high, you must closely monitor your behavior. These players run the greatest risk of an invisible addiction to this invisible drug. Most online gambling enthusiasts however have learned to balance their entertainment with their gambling highs, and simply enjoy the rush. This high can bring increased feelings of enjoyment, and can just make the whole experience more fun. Players who are aware of and monitor their response to gambling highs typically experience the feeling when winning, making their wins even more satisfying. Since their feelings of winning satisfaction are increased, these types of players can stop when they need to and manage their bankroll accordingly.

There are some players who experience the high whether they are winning or loosing, and are sometimes willing to proceed even on a loosing streak to continue to feel the high. These are the players who have lost site that while online gambling can be extremely rewarding, like any gambling platform, it should be viewed as and managed as entertainment, not the answer to your financial woes. These players can give online gambling a bad name, and also risk their financial stability for momentary feeling. Online gambling can be a healthy, enjoyable, and rewarding form of entertainment when it is handled in a responsible and mature way, which means that the gambler’s high does not drive the player’s decisions or actions and merely adds to the enjoyment.

Like any pleasurable experience in life, the gambling high can be abused. The players who are likely to abuse it are also the players with ‘addictive’ personalities who should not be dabbling with online gambling in the first place due to personal issues and challenges. If you are one of these types of players, and find yourself in a bad situation, you do have plenty of options for finding assistance in dealing with it. The high quality online gambling sites featured here on offer resources and links to professionals who can help. We limit our featured gambling sites to those brands which promote a healthy gambling environment that is designed to provide exciting, secure, and rewarding entertainment with high quality gaming.

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  1. Yea it’s easy to lose control. I’ve done it many times. Now I have a system where I make a cashout when I get up and leave myself a little more to gamble with and enjoy. I also never reverse a cashout and that helps a lot too if you stick to your guns.

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