Slots Tournaments – Online Action VS Offline Action

Whether you are playing at a premium online casino, or on the Vegas Strip, it is undeniable that slots are extremely popular and carry an enormous player base. Slot games can be played by anyone, regardless of your experience or skill as a gambling enthusiast, and the payout potential can be enormous. Playing slots can range from free (online) up to $500 or more per spin, and are available with an endless variety of themes and options. In the wake of a growing popularity in online gambling, many online casinos are now offering online slots tournaments, and players are starting to evaluate their options more closely regarding which venue offers the ‘real action’.

There are a number of differences to consider in the online vs offline slots venues, with each having their own perks and downside to them. Lets start with what makes a slots tournament event something worth your attention in the first place. When a tournament environment is introduced to the slots platform, it changes the dynamics of the game dramatically, taking it from an individual, single player game to a competition. This aspect alone increases the thrill and excitement surrounding the game, adding a whole new dimension to the game, transforming it into a multi-player race for riches.

Now there are a lot of players who choose slots primarily because there is no competition, so those players may not be drawn to the tournament action. However there are slots lovers who crave the ferocity of competition and the potential tournament title. Most land based casinos in Vegas will offer slots tournaments on a regular basis, and online casinos are beginning to model that activity more and more. We’ve seen weekend slots events, daily and weekly tournament schedules, and special events at both venues, and the action can get pretty hot at both as well.

The online slots experience really isn’t much different from playing at a land based casino, other than its increased convenience and juicy slots bonus offers, you get the same thrills and frills presented in a stunning digital rendering of all the favorite slot titles. One distinct difference is that at an online casino, you can play slots for fun, something that you can’t get away with at land based casinos. Even the slots tournaments are often offered at a free entry level, or as low as $1 for paid entries. The buy-ins to online slots tournaments are almost always less than those at land based casinos, but the payout is usually smaller as well. There are weekend slots tournaments at brick and morter casinos that run $500 to enter, but also yield the winner up to $50K at times.

The payouts to online slots tournaments are usually much smaller, but the vast range of opportunities and low buy-ins make it possible to participate much more often, hence conceptually there is more to be won per individual if you play often online. Land based slots tournaments usually have a limit to how many participants they can accept, while online slots tournaments can take many more, sometimes limitless numbers of participants. When enjoying online gambling entertainment, you can often find slots tournaments active somewhere at any time of the day or night. As the popularity of slots tournaments online continues to gin momentum, we expect to soon see a large number of high quality online casinos offering these exciting tournament options.

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