Poker App BluffCam Destroys Poker Tells

The ability to read your opponents’ facial expressions to get an upper hand when playing poker is an invaluable skill that even professional poker players work hard at mastering their entire careers. Just as important is the ability to make sure your own facial expressions don’t mimic the hands you are playing, and somehow clue your opponents in. And countless scientific experiments have confirmed what veteran poker players already know; many times we give away the type of hand we are playing without ever realizing that our facial expressions have done us in. So what can you do to improve your poker playing by making sure you don’t give away your hand with a big unconscious grin or telltale frown?

One landmark release that happened recently in the poker industry can help you develop the perfect poker face. WowWee Inc. recently released a smartphone application that can help you train yourself to offer a true poker face regardless of the strength of your hand. The breakthrough technology is called the BluffCam, and it actually studies your face for subtle changes in coloring and facial tics, alerting you to just exactly when you are broadcasting your hand to your opponents. It works off of facial recognition technology which has been programmed with telltale signs that a person is experiencing pressure, and is reflecting that pressure subconsciously on their face.

The name of the breakthrough software is Vital Signs Camera technology, and it has a few excellent features which allow you to share your images and results with your friends online, has Twitter integration pre-installed, and allows you to track your performances on a notepad file. WowWee also said they are currently working on online gaming technology that would allow the online poker player to ensure that certain tells such as acting early, acting slowly and using the same types of bets in particular situations does not deliver any online poker tells.

A WowWee spokesman (it’s not just you, I can’t get past the silly company name either, but they’re for real) said that this is one of only several applications for smartphones and the online gaming community that they’re planning on launching very soon. As part of this announcement, he also noted that a tabletop application of the same state-of-the-art technology would be released shortly, allowing you to measure the heartbeats of other players, as well as yourself.

Between being able to hide your own facial expressions and tells, and being able to quickly read your opponents’ heart rate as well as your own, WowWee Inc is providing a couple of great ways to take your poker game to the next level. Here at are devoted online and offline poker players ourselves, and stand ready to embrace any new technology that can build our bankroll and improve our play. Check back often for updates on this story, and other tips to help you become a better online and live game player, and we’ll see you at the tables.

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  1. I think its worth checking out – especially since most smartphone apps are pretty cheap – anything to help my game!

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