Online Poker Room Traffic Jumps 10 Percent in a Week

With the fate of online gambling legislation at the national level in the United States possibly having to wait until next year, it would be understandable if online gambling traffic lagged during the holiday shopping season. After all, Little Susie wants a bike for Christmas, and you have had your eye on that brand-new Android smartphone, so you cannot be blamed if you are playing less online poker, slots and table games and instead spending those dollars on holiday gifts. But oddly enough, online poker room traffic globally jumped a full 10% in less than a week recently, spurring overall online gambling growth, and that is nothing but good news for the worldwide online gambling industry.

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Wednesday 11-28-12

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TV’s Lisa Simpson Learns Online Poker From Jennifer Tilly

Bart, Homer, Marge, Maggie and Lisa Simpson are well known to American households. Of course those are the names of the fictional Simpson family, who star in what has become the longest-running American sitcom. The show has also incredibly become the longest-running American animated program, and a few years ago surpassed Gunsmoke (1955 – 1975) as the longest-running American prime-time television series. Why are you reading about them on Bonus Geek? Because in a recent episode celebrity actress and poker player Jennifer Tilly schooled little Lisa Simpson in the finer points of online poker.

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Monday 11-19-12

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Bovada Casino Offering Happy Hour Thursday 2-for-1 Credits

Decades ago some smart entrepreneur noticed that his bar did not do much business on weekday evenings. So he decided to start offering special prices and customer rewards, that special time of day became known as Happy Hour in bar parlance, and now just about every bar, club, and even restaurant delivers a Happy Hour deal of some sort. Bovada Casino has decided to get in on the fun, delivering Happy Hour Thursdays to the online gambling community, offering a generous 2-for-1 special with some free bonus money.

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Wednesday 11-14-12

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Full Tilt Poker Back in Action

As recently as two years ago, there was not a bigger name in the online poker community than Full Tilt Poker. And that company is set to reintroduce itself to the world on November 6, allowing US players to view their cash balances and also offering free play poker. On November 1 the site gave past and future prospective online poker players a glimpse of what they had to offer when they allowed players to sit down at “play money” tables, and also allowing them to transfer any funds they had with Full Tilt Poker over to PokerStars.

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Friday 11-02-12

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Bovada Unveils 30 New 3D Slot Games and Special Bonus Offers

The Bovada name has been synonymous with online casino, poker room and sportsbook wagering since its launch in late 2011, always held in high regard and offering top levels of customer satisfaction. The site recently upped the ante for online slots aficionados, adding over 30 new 3-D slot games, and coupling many of them with special offers and bonuses. The Bovada representative we contacted informed us that they have added improved audio effects, new Las Vegas style themes and 3-D animation, and totally enhanced your online slots experience. And to reward you for supporting their new group of 3-D slot games, they have added an exciting new bonus system that runs through November 15.

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Thursday 10-18-12

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